Dr. Martha A. Awo

Dr. Martha A. Awo
Senior Research Fellow


  • Trade policies and domestic markets
  • Agriculture, food security and rural development
  • Associations of market women traders
  • Institutions, gender equity and power dynamics
  • Women empowerment and poverty discourse

Book chapters

Laube, Wolfram, Schraven, Benjamin Awo, Martha2013. Peasant adaptation to environmental change and economic globalisation in Northern Ghana, In J. A Yaro (ed) Rural Development in Northern Gahna, Nova science publishers,New York,

AdobeaY. Owusu andMartha A. Awo, 2013, Water and Sanitation: Situational Analysis. Ghana Social Development Outlook, Legon: Institute of Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER)

Working Paper

James Sumberg, Martha Awo, Dela-Dem Doe Fianko, George T.M. Kwadzo and John Thompson,2013. Ghana’s Poultry Sector: Limited Data, Conflicting Naratives, Competing Visions. STEPS working paper, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Brighton, UK


Martha A. Awo, 2012, Marketing and Market Queens: a study of tomato farmers in the Upper East region of Ghana. Lit, Berlin/ Münster, 21

Journal article

Laube, Wolfram, Schraven, Benjamin Awo, Martha2012, Smallholder adaptation to climate change: dynamics and limits in Northern Ghana Springer, Vol. 111 (3-4): 753-777