Energy and the extractives sector

Sanjay Jog


ISSER’s goal under this theme is to promote evidence-based research in the energy and extractives sector to inform sustainable policy. This goal is driven by a number of objectives including:

  1. Redefine energy research with focus on issues plaguing the energy and extractives sector of Ghana adopting a “follow-through” approach to ensure their resolution.
  2. Effectively create value through provision of research, advisory and advocacy services.
  3. Develop a sustainable research and analysis training program to build capacity of stakeholders in the energy and extractives sector.

Our short-term focus will to be on enhancing the nature and effectiveness of through scoping studies to map out industry-relevant and institution-specific needs. The long-term focus would be to develop the capacity of the Institute to create value through evidence-based research and consultancy/advisory services to government and private entities. ISSER will undertake training programs, workshops, seminars etc., to build the capacity of its researchers as well as stakeholders within the energy sector.