GGCDS Annual Workshop 2023 culminates 15 years of collaboration, celebrates success stories

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GGCDS Annual Workshop 2023 culminates 15 years of collaboration, celebrates success stories

The 2023 GGCDS Annual Collaboration Workshop brought together students, alumni, and programme coordinators to reflect on the impact of the programme and celebrate 15 years of fruitful collaborations.

The Ghanaian-German Centre for Development Studies (GGCDS) has held the 2023 edition of the Annual Collaboration Workshop. The event gathered alumni, students, programme coordinators, and partners for an enriching day of connections, interaction, and reflection on the impact of the GGCDS on lives and careers. It was the final edition of the annual meeting of GGCDS stakeholders and marked the culmination of a fruitful 15-year partnership between ISSER and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

“This marks the end of a transformative era that has seen the successful graduation of 46 Ph.D. in Development Studies candidates,” said ISSER Director, Prof. Peter Quartey as he announced the conclusion of the sponsorship under the Ghanaian-German Center for Development Studies Project in December 2023.  He added that the successful graduates are presently working in various sectors where their learning and deep understanding of development studies is contributing to making a difference.

ISSER Director, Prof. Quartey, and former Directors (Prof. Ernest Aryeetey and Felix Asante), and former GGCDS Programme Coordinators (Prof. George Owusu, Prof. Adobea Yaa Owusu, Prof. Charles Ackah, and Dr. Martha Awo) were recognized for their roles in the programme’s success. Prof. Quartey is pictured receiving his award from Prof. Robert Osei.

Dr. Wolfram Laube of the Centre for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, commended the collaborative nature of the initiative. He expressed gratitude for the remarkable contributions and efforts of key figures at ISSER, notably the Directors and programme coordinators, who played pivotal roles in the programme's success.

Dr. Ama Pokuaa Fenny, the Ph.D. Coordinator at ISSER presented the results of a tracer study that showcased the inspiring career trajectories of alumni currently serving in roles relevant to their training. The study underlined the programme's effectiveness in preparing graduates for impactful roles in development-related fields.

Ph.D. Coordinator Dr. Fenny was also recognized for her contributions to the GGCDS.

A panel discussion moderated by alumnus Dr. Michael Tuffuor featured panelists who shared their unique experiences, shedding light on the transformative impact of the Ph.D. programme. The discussion also provided valuable suggestions for future improvements.

Alumni and former GGCDS Programme Coordinators shared candid views on the programme’s impact and lessons helpful for enhancing the outcome of future initiatives.

The 2023 annual collaboration workshop was held on 9th November at the ISSER Conference Facility, chaired by Prof. Ernest Aryeetey, secretary-general of the African Research Universities Alliance and former Director of ISSER and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ghana. Other key speakers at the event were Prof. Robert Osei, Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, University of Ghana and Mr. Felix Barnes of the DAAD Information Center in Accra.

Beyond celebrating the achievements of the GGCDS, the workshop provided an opportunity for stakeholders to network, strengthen ties, and foster collaborations.

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