Digitalization and Development



Scientific advancements in digital technologies have great potential in making the designing and implementation of development interventions time- and cost-efficient.  Innovations are helping to make life easier for economic agents in both the developing and the developed world. The ever-increasing dependency on digital innovations makes it imperative to broaden understanding of how they can be managed to ensure inclusivity and pro-poor growth. As almost everything is being moved online, the question is how do we cope during internet downtimes? There are other associated risks such as fraudsters using the platforms to deceive users, sometimes hijacking them as tools to create a sense of insecurity among the population -- what forms of regulations will help address these challenges? Also, with the introduction of digital currencies, there is need to examine how the new order in the financial system will work side by side orthodoxy. ISSER’s research under the digitization and development theme will seek to address these compelling questions.