ISSER Director urges commitment to sustainable development and EfD Ghana

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Professor Quartey expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration between ISSER and EFD Ghana, and emphasized the Institute’s long history of successful collaborations.

Professor Peter Quartey, the Director of the Institute of Statistical, Social, and Economic Research (ISSER) at the University of Ghana, which serves as the host institute for EfD Ghana, made a call for stakeholders to recommit to sustainable development and the mission of EfD Ghana. His remarks were made during the 2023 Policy Day of EfD Ghana.

Held at the ISSER conference center on the topic Sustainable Fisheries Management in Ghana: Prospects and Challenge, the event gathered members of the EfD network and key fisheries sector stakeholders in Ghana for research-led discussions and connections vital to Ghana’s efforts to achieve a resilient and sustainable fisheries sector.

In addition to Professor Quartey, notable figures that graced the occasion included Mr. Moses Anim, the Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Ghana; Professor Gunnar Köhlin, Director of Environment for Development (EfD); and Professor Wisdom Akpalu, Director of EfD Ghana.

The forum provided an opportunity for strengthening key stakeholder relationships. From left to right, Professor Quartey, Honourable Moses Anim, Professor Akpalu and Professor Gunnar.

Professor Quartey, who is also the Deputy Director of EfD Ghana, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration between ISSER and EfD Ghana, emphasizing ISSER’s history of driving successful partnerships. He stated, "ISSER's engagement with EfD Ghana represents a continuation of our longstanding history of successful collaborations. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to advancing research-led knowledge and fostering partnerships for the betterment of both our nation and the global community."

Professor Quartey further highlighted the significance of bringing to bear ISSER's collaborative capacity on EfD Ghana, and supporting its mission to become a leading research center recognized globally for pioneering research, policy advice, and capacity development.

As an ISSER-based project, EfD Ghana enjoys invaluable non-financial support in terms of governance requirements, infrastructure, and human resources. This support includes office space, support staff, computing facilities, and access to extensive library resources. As Deputy Director, Peter Quartey plays a pivotal role in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the center and ensuring compliance with local and international standards.

The selection of EfD Ghana as the host for the 17th Annual Meeting was also celebrated during the Policy Day. Peter Quartey remarked, "The fact that EfD Ghana has been selected as the host for the 17th Annual Meeting speaks volumes about the remarkable progress our center has achieved since its inception in 2019. As a host institute and a committed member of EfD Ghana, this achievement fills us with immense pride."

Strengthening relationships: speakers and EfD Ghana’s Professor Daniel Twerefou in a hearty conversation

The EfD Ghana Policy Day was held on October 4, 2023 at the conference center of ISSER, University of Ghana and was part of a number of important meetings that preceded the 17th EfD Annual Meeting.

The Deputy Director and core EfD Ghana functions Finance and Procurement and Communications are based at ISSER