Guillaume Soullier

Guillaume Soullier
Visiting Scholar

Guillaume Soullier is a researcher specializing in Agricultural Economics. He works at CIRAD, the French research centre for agricultural development, within the  ART-Dev joint research unit, which focuses on addressing the dynamics linking food systems, territories, and developments. Guillaume Soullier has been posted to ISSER as Visiting Scholar within the framework of the UG-CIRAD Memorandum of Understanding (2019-2023). Before obtaining a Ph.D. degree in Agricultural Economics at Montpellier University, he worked for NGOs in Senegal, Haïti, and Afghanistan, with a focus on supporting farmers’ income. His research interests include food chains organisation and family farmers’ inclusion, which he addresses through institutional economics and farmers’ livelihood strategies. He has several publications about rice value chains in West Africa, and currently develops research about collective action and political economy.

  • Value chains transformations
  • Family farmers inclusion
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